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        How To Make a Donation

        Using Amazon.com vouchers (gift card)

        Please note we've changed our email address to zlibdonat@gmail.com

        1. Buy an electronic giftcard at amazon.com
        Note: you need to use our email () as "Recipient E-mail" in the form. Put your library account email address to the form “Recipient”. It will help us to identify your donation.

        2. Email the amazon.com giftcard (or the voucher code itself) to

        If your account has not been upgraded within 10-15 minutes after sending the donation, let us know your Amazon Order id via support@bookmail.org.


        Using Bitcoin

        Our bitcoin address is
        BTC: 3PXuXpF3yTBvJYrhoP5Bjg661GJPvGazhh
        BCH: qqzwfk8dpmw85gyv6a5xc6ff70jaxxju7yz4th7p63
        ETH: 0x2d347a309d8ab9ecba5a86a699b8951fa6d8f70a
        LTC: LYaUDzvoo1kvkN6s88s1ErNQKotqgSRzLu

        Please, let us know by email support@bookmail.org the transaction id and the amount of donation.

        Using Alipay

        = 72¥

        Using WeChat

        = 72¥