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        Fundraising results, improved mobile version, Your uploads page and mini-survey

        First of all, we would like to congratulate everyone on another successful fundraising campaign! In truth, we did not expect it to be successful, as it fell on such a difficult period for all of us. Even in this situation, a lot of users have supported our project, and we are very grateful for that! Our Team wholeheartedly says Thank you! The funds received will be used to improve the library and I will tell you in confidence, this year we are planning big updates!

        Despite the quarantine, we continue working on the improvements. We noticed that many people use the library from their phones and thought about how to improve the mobile version. We will not describe in detail all the changes, but now using the mobile version has become easier and more convenient.

        Recently, the number of books uploaded by users has significantly increased. Awesome! Therefore, we created the page, where you can find all the books you have uploaded.

        You may have noticed a mini-survey about the download speed that appears only for registered users after downloading a book. Please don’t pass by and answer one single question. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our service. Thank you in advance!

        Also, we want to inform you that our email address for making a donation via Amazon has been changed! You will find the current address on the Donate page.

        Be safe!

        COMMENTS (162)
        Why some books showing coming soon, is that upload is from your side (zlibrary).
        11 April 2020 (14:31) 
        You are FANTASTIC
        11 April 2020 (14:40) 
        Many thanks for your service!
        11 April 2020 (14:53) 
        11 April 2020 (16:20) 
        I think you guys needs to start rewarding the uploaders and the volunteers who correct or update the uploads with extra download credit. This way you would have a better archive structure, book descriptions, tagging etc. as well as better uploads.
        11 April 2020 (16:46) 
        You guys are the best! I'm still scanning my first book that soon will be uploaded here
        11 April 2020 (18:38) 
        11 April 2020 (19:32) 
        Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it!
        11 April 2020 (19:50) 
        @Zabian that's not a good idea, people may start to edit only for rewards, they may not care the edit or upload is productive. There will be mass wrong edits and junk uploads. That's the problem.
        11 April 2020 (21:10) 
        I made a donation and downloaded a book... how do I send it to Kindle? I did add the address in on my Amazon account and in my profile as instructed.
        11 April 2020 (21:10) 
        Susan Bontly
        This is an awesome service, especially at this time. Keep up the good work!
        11 April 2020 (22:42) 
        Thank you! This is the best online library in existence! You are doing a service to us all!
        11 April 2020 (22:48) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @Alhazen, yes, these books are in the process of downloading to our database and will be available for download soon.
        11 April 2020 (22:55) 
        Please add a date to each blog post. Not sure why there's no dates on any of them..have to check the first comment to get a ballpark idea when the post was created. It's strange there's no date on each blog post.
        11 April 2020 (22:56) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @zabian thank you for your suggestion, we will consider this question!
        11 April 2020 (22:57) 
        Also there's not unlimited book downloading; it's capped at 999/24 hour period which resets at the same time every day. Why not update this detail to be accurate, or allow unlimited downloads?
        11 April 2020 (22:58) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @jm, we believe that 999 books per day is enough for any user case :)
        By the way, it is 30 969 books a month!
        11 April 2020 (23:06) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos) - That's fine, but why does the website say unlimited when in reality it's 30 969? :)
        11 April 2020 (23:33) 
        You are really amazing. Thank you
        11 April 2020 (23:38) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        Thanks for the reply, i request you to add, the secret (malayalam edition).
        12 April 2020 (05:03) 
        Vocês podiam gratificar os usuários pelas contribui??es de livros e n?o só pelos donativos em dinheiro. Fica a sugest?o. Obrigado.
        12 April 2020 (05:28) 
        peter wang
        @Alhazen I have a solution that people who downloaded the book can give an evaluation of its quality(or rates its quality using stars etc ) and people who uploaded book will be rewarded according to the evaluation rather than according to how many bits they uploaded.
        12 April 2020 (05:39) 
        @peter wang

        We can't judge a book by it's cover, rating or download count. it will lead to selective reading.
        12 April 2020 (06:03) 
        Why can't we search within categories/genres? Why don't you add an additional filter? It'll further help to restrict your search, cos the searches tend to be too general, making you scroll through several pages before locating a book.
        12 April 2020 (09:29) 
        Thank you for everything! I have always found giving access to books as one of the most noble acts! I am glad we also can contribute in some (humble) ways. Ever since I stumbled upon this wonderful place I am overwhelmed by an immense joy. Keep up the wonderful work!
        12 April 2020 (09:58) 
        why I cannot open the downloaded books? two weeks ago, I can open all books that I have downloaded. but last week, I can't open them in my computer.
        12 April 2020 (10:00) 
        thanks! you guys are doing an awesome job, next fundraising I will keep donating.
        12 April 2020 (10:49) 
        Biggest online library on every subjects and almost of all worlds main languages. Nice work for all humanity.
        Carry on...
        New Delhi
        12 April 2020 (19:01) 
        you guys are the best
        13 April 2020 (03:17) 
        13 April 2020 (05:31) 
        Can't see an upload option in new my upload section. Can't upload new books.
        13 April 2020 (10:47) 
        hi, you guys have been awesome! As a premium member, i have always enjoyed the "email to my personal email" functionality. However, starting recently, this function has stopped working... I can still click the "email to xxx@xxx.com", and it seemed to have clicked thru, but then the book has never arrived... I wonder why?
        13 April 2020 (11:23) 
        13 April 2020 (19:02) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @P75 this option is available now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
        13 April 2020 (21:59) 
        You guys are wonderful
        14 April 2020 (01:41) 
        Well done!
        14 April 2020 (17:31) 
        Donated but no change in my profile :-(
        14 April 2020 (18:00) 
        Vous nous aidez beaucoup et c'est normal que nous vous soutenons. Merci de bien vouloir continuer dans cette voie.
        14 April 2020 (18:20) 
        I cannot download to my library any more
        15 April 2020 (04:49) 
        thanks a lot
        15 April 2020 (10:47) 
        Al D
        I'm incredibly thankful for this site. I've been out of school because of my health, so this is now where I get my education from.
        15 April 2020 (15:14) 
        Very amazing and very good job
        16 April 2020 (05:41) 
        Gratitude Bro
        16 April 2020 (09:42) 
        hi, I have donated money in March. But today I find the page shows no donation. And my premium member becomes to be the regular member.
        16 April 2020 (13:06) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @karl36, Thanks a lot for supporting us! We are sorry but any donation has effect only for 31 days as we use it for the recurring monthly payments for our servers. Hope for your understanding!
        16 April 2020 (14:14) 
        @jm, 999 books every 24hrs is more than enough! nobody will reach that limit, therefore it could be said that it is unimited. Entering a book title and selecting the desired format then downloading the book, to do this 999 times would take around 17hrs in every 24hr period At the end of the 31 days you would have a 24/7 lifetime of reading ahead of you, where will you find the time to practice your Popeye impersonation!
        16 April 2020 (17:24) 
        Bobby Kemp
        When I wanted to donate 5 dollars I noticed that I was being charged in roubles and at a rate 60 roubles more than the official going rate. Why ?
        16 April 2020 (18:02) 
        thanks alot for this wonderful service...u guys rockzzz....
        16 April 2020 (18:25) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @Bobby Kemp, 60 roubles is the commission of the payment system.
        16 April 2020 (22:10) 
        I'm trying to access this site from a 1st generation nook and both browsers return "Error 301, site moved permanently". How do I fix this?
        17 April 2020 (18:59) 
        best e-library i have ever seen
        17 April 2020 (19:07) 
        Thank you so much for this service, You guys are the best.
        17 April 2020 (20:13) 
        Thank you! 謝謝!非常棒的網站
        18 April 2020 (00:32) 
        thanks you very much,God bless you.
        18 April 2020 (10:26) 
        Ahmet Yuksel
        your contribution is very wellcome for humanity!..
        18 April 2020 (14:56) 
        chinese book is a very little.
        18 April 2020 (19:49) 
        Absolutely fantastic gift for all the readers in the planet who don’t have an unlimited budget to buy books... Thank You so much!
        18 April 2020 (20:34) 
        Great job guys!
        19 April 2020 (01:22) 
        I've indicated my download speed a number of times and usually it has been good. What my problem has been is the number of failed downloads in the last month.
        19 April 2020 (03:39) 
        Amazing work!Thanks a lot! ;)
        19 April 2020 (15:52) 
        add some function to observe situation of upload book by members, so that member also contribute more to increase the book collection over the coming time.
        19 April 2020 (22:58) 
        Great site
        20 April 2020 (08:23) 
        Chitransh Popli
        Appreciate your work.
        20 April 2020 (09:41) 
        Congrats. Keep it up
        20 April 2020 (10:20) 
        20 April 2020 (10:35) 
        I would like to grateful so much your help to download books. I'm full professor and researcher then it help me with my lectures and research, unfortunatelly I'm living in Venezuela wher my full salary is 20 dollars in a month so I cann't donate to help you with thisi unvaluable service, Thanks a lot
        20 April 2020 (19:53) 
        Seconding Bob's comment about the failed downloads in the past month.
        21 April 2020 (05:13) 
        Thank you so much guys. Since I'm from a developing country where access to many books is difficult, this website has been very helpful for my research and education.
        21 April 2020 (22:25) 
        This is an unbelievably good service in this modern age of a near conspiracy against knowledge.. I cannot express how grateful I am. Hope to donate at some stage soon. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. G
        22 April 2020 (09:30) 
        22 April 2020 (10:20) 
        Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much I appreciate all your work ?
        22 April 2020 (16:21) 
        i would like to contribute using PayPal, because i dont like to give my credit card details and i dont use the others options. Thanks
        23 April 2020 (00:19) 
        I love this site
        23 April 2020 (06:20) 
        z libs tor site is not working
        23 April 2020 (08:19) 
        thanks a lot
        23 April 2020 (11:32) 
        Is there any way to filter by language in the recently added section?
        23 April 2020 (20:51) 
        very interesting and helpfull
        23 April 2020 (22:27) 
        I thank you for this amazing website, and the opportunity to download books.
        I would also suggest that the fundraising campaign be more frequent than twice a year, i.e., a trimestriel fundraising campaign would be great, allowing the opportunity for users to download more books, say in June (start of the summer vacations) and December (during the new Year vacation).
        I think by this, the website moderators and the users will be on a win-win situation.
        24 April 2020 (07:01) 
        25 April 2020 (06:53) 
        Jun Hui
        DL speed is so slow now.. takes hours for a file of few MB?
        25 April 2020 (16:09) 
        Download speed is so slow it took me 2 and half hours for me to download a 180 MB PDF File. Hope you can compress the file. Thanks.
        25 April 2020 (18:57) 
        You guys are really awesome!
        26 April 2020 (13:50) 
        Thank you so much for your books.
        27 April 2020 (04:35) 
        You guys are amazing!!!
        Thank you for all the books, it really means a lot to me since I LOVE reading. You're doing a big service for everyone!
        27 April 2020 (18:37) 
        I have tried numerous (7) times to make a donation to increase my downloads, via VISA, and by Amazon gift card - wont work. Have emailed support@bookmail.org twice with no response. What gives??
        28 April 2020 (02:28) 
        u r 1. it s like a miracle. thanks.
        28 April 2020 (11:53) 
        28 April 2020 (12:27) 
        How do I view the library according to upload date? The search is great, but I'd also like to be able have a quick look to see whats been uploaded recently. Hope someone can help.
        28 April 2020 (17:23) 
        It sure would be nice if you had more fundraising during the year. :P
        28 April 2020 (23:55) 
        Can you add support for Webtorrent for all your ebook?
        I repead, "add", so without removing the current direct way to download them.
        29 April 2020 (03:59) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @PollyOz, you can check the recently added books here https://b-ok.cc/recently.php (Menu - Recently added)
        29 April 2020 (14:55) 
        I followed the instructions, but my kindle didn't receive 2 books I sent from the website. Please tell me why.
        29 April 2020 (15:46) 
        @ZLibrary Team, Thank you! Hope you'll consider having PayPal as one of the payment options for fundraising.
        29 April 2020 (16:12) 
        This one is having a huge collection of the latest books and manuals. Simply fantastic.
        30 April 2020 (14:27) 
        Flammable Duck
        Thanks so much guys, you make reading so much easier!
        01 May 2020 (02:28) 
        The best online ebook library ever, I respect wholeheartedly your work guys! Love ??
        01 May 2020 (02:51) 
        Alex riley
        The best website ever!
        Just keep going guys, you're about to make history :)
        01 May 2020 (12:10) 
        Haydee Correa
        @jm just be thankful you're getting all these books for free and stop nitpicking about it being unlimited. Why are you downloading 999 books in 24 hours anyway? To charge for it elsewhere???

        Z- library, thank you for this website. I am truly grateful. Would you please upload Relationship Goals by Michael Todd, if possible?
        01 May 2020 (21:08) 
        I love what you are doing, I will donate when I'm older, promise.
        02 May 2020 (19:16) 
        Fast Star
        why can't we add zip/rar files? some books have a cd
        02 May 2020 (21:38) 
        I sincerely Thank You from my heart for your creation and it's existence _/\_. Best Wishes!
        03 May 2020 (03:16) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        Why you're not reviewing the suggestion edits ?? it's been almost a week now, no response on the edits till now, please check it.
        03 May 2020 (09:49) 

        Thanks for your opinion :) It doesn't take that long for everyone; I don't select the file type from the dropdown, for instance, I just click on whatever is there. Not every book is meant to read cover to cover, like nonfiction. More as a reference. And unlimited means unlimited, not 999; yes, there is a difference. I'm not complaining; my point is, why not be truthful?
        03 May 2020 (18:45) 
        @Haydee Correa

        I am grateful, thanks, never said I wasn't :) I download however many books I desire for my personal use. Are you downloading books here to charge elsewhere? That thought never even crossed my mind, plus I have better things to do with my time :)
        03 May 2020 (18:47) 
        Very little is really explained in the book.
        04 May 2020 (15:36) 
        05 May 2020 (06:30) 
        i love you. so grateful
        05 May 2020 (06:51) 
        john cato
        thank you
        05 May 2020 (10:41) 
        This is an extremely helpful electronic book centre! I have benefited a lot from it. My millions of thanks!
        05 May 2020 (11:58) 
        I love you. so grateful
        06 May 2020 (10:21) 
        Jerry P. Mathew
        Great service
        06 May 2020 (10:55) 
        thanks a lot
        06 May 2020 (10:57) 
        Hi there,

        I have donated a small amount (almost 13 euros) and to this hour (2 days gone) I have not seen my profile updated, even though I have followed accordingly your required actions. Plus I have contacted the support without any action or answer. Is your support team affected by the quarentine, or should I just ask you to report this case ahead?
        06 May 2020 (23:39) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @maskdjafh, Unfortunately, we haven't received any mail from you. We also sent you a mail but didn't get any response. Please check your mailbox!
        07 May 2020 (13:04) 
        I wish all the luck for this incredible team!
        08 May 2020 (10:30) 
        thank you:) It will change human’s history!
        08 May 2020 (14:53) 
        @findeeeer Well,maybe.But giving human the opportunity to read books is more important ,more sacred than the problem of copyright.
        08 May 2020 (15:24) 
        Dear Sir/ Madam,

        Could you please help me to find only the PDF Version of the following books?

        1. FIDIC Red Book: A companion to the 2017 Construction Contract by Jakob B. S?rensen

        2. FIDIC Yellow Book: A companion to the 2017 Construction Contract by Jakob B. S?rensen

        3. FIDIC Silver Book: A companion to the 2017 Construction Contract by Jakob B. S?rensen
        08 May 2020 (19:49) 
        thank you team! you have made quarantine research possible!!!!!
        09 May 2020 (20:17) 
        Please explain to me why I have just donated some money and I am getting 15 downloads a day, whereas I donated money last month and had 999 downloads a day... Why only 15 now?
        Thanks :)
        12 May 2020 (19:13) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @Wolffie, thanks for supporting us! "999 downloads" are available only during our additional fundraising event (in September and March). Now your download limit depends on the amount of donation (as usual).
        13 May 2020 (00:14) 
        This is awesome! Congrats guys! :)
        13 May 2020 (10:10) 
        Thank you for this site! Glad I have this site for books during quarantine
        13 May 2020 (11:28) 
        This site is truly helpful. It's awesome.
        15 May 2020 (07:21) 
        Some books are pre uploaded but they are not in good ebook condition. For an example suppose some one uploaded a book by just scanning the book and making it an pdf. But if an other person have the same book in good quality that is ocr detected text, table of contents etc he is not able to upload the same book. In that case what should be done?
        15 May 2020 (10:30) 
        Great site!
        I would like to donate but am not able to use any of your options. How about Paypal?
        15 May 2020 (15:41) 
        15 May 2020 (15:56) 
        16 May 2020 (11:50) 
        I bow in deepest gratitude for this library resource.
        A question for you, pls: is there any possibility of putting a *REQUESTED BOOKS LIST* feature somewhere, so that ppl who might have access to a desired title could see that there is someone seeking it & not finding it?
        It's especially frustrating to want a book that had been in the collection at some point in the past, but is no longer there: weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth...
        17 May 2020 (10:09) 
        I've never come across such an awesome website. I can find every book I need. Big salute to the team and I request you to continue this precious work!!!
        17 May 2020 (16:04) 
        So glad I found this site! Happy to help out with the operation costs.
        19 May 2020 (08:29) 
        19 May 2020 (09:23) 
        Great site. One of the best.

        20 May 2020 (01:38) 
        Will there ever be a time that users can request books?
        20 May 2020 (04:41) 
        Hope more language like Chinese books
        20 May 2020 (07:07) 
        Thank you
        20 May 2020 (07:13) 
        Not working..no books available when I search
        20 May 2020 (07:42) 
        You just made my life so much better and richer. May God bless you for that
        20 May 2020 (09:11) 
        20 May 2020 (09:28) 
        very useful and very helpful!Thanks very much!
        20 May 2020 (09:40) 
        Varghese Vadukkut
        20 May 2020 (10:10) 
        20 May 2020 (10:13) 
        nice, very useful
        20 May 2020 (10:40) 
        Thank you for your work!
        20 May 2020 (12:45) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        New book details adding method is not working properly, it's stucked in display not even moving to "done"/enter button, please check and fix it.
        20 May 2020 (18:44) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        Editing panel is not scrolling to right side (towards "done" button), please fix it, i can't edit book details from mobile.
        20 May 2020 (18:57) 
        Why not remove the books that are already downloaded by a person from the recommended books list? Anyway it is customised for each user and hence this should not be a challenge
        21 May 2020 (05:31) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        In books details editing panel i can't click submit button, the panel is stuck left side not showing right side (submit button) in mobile, please fix it.
        21 May 2020 (07:34) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @Alhazen, thanks for letting us know about this bug! We will fix it as soon as possible.
        21 May 2020 (13:15) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @Ramesh, thank you for actively using our recommendations. We will improve it in the future releases.
        21 May 2020 (13:19) 
        Hello! Could you please take some time to review my suggested corrections?
        Some books are written in simplified Chinese and they don't have English names, but the titles of those books are showed in English in your website, so it's very difficult to research those books, so I corrected it.
        22 May 2020 (14:44) 
        If there was only a simple way to donate without having to jumpy through Amazon or bitcoin hoops...
        23 May 2020 (06:32) 
        23 May 2020 (14:29) 
        那本書的標題就是“赤果果的XXXX", 估計內容應該也挺不可描述的。
        23 May 2020 (15:12) 
        keep it up, amazing work, where to donate?
        23 May 2020 (15:36) 
        love you!!
        23 May 2020 (16:13) 
        Hello, is there any way to post requests? Thanks!
        23 May 2020 (19:16) 
        Thank you for this library!!! You guys are the best
        Can you kindly update your lesbian romance books
        23 May 2020 (23:52) 
        @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

        Thank you for the reply :)
        24 May 2020 (18:18) 
        Kiran Borg
        Thank you so much for your service! Complete life changer. I recommend this to anyone I come across, and I always suggest they donate too! Thanks
        24 May 2020 (19:20) 
        Thankyou so much for your service
        26 May 2020 (16:56) 
        Very useful. One of the best collection of books. Can we have a page where people can suggest a book they are looking for and it is made available?
        27 May 2020 (14:26) 

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