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        Started fundraising, books moderation, report a problem option, server failures and other news

        Hi there!

        What’s up? We have a lot of news to share!
        As you already know, we have recently started additional fundraising campaign. So what is it? We hold this event 2 times a year (September and March) to our project maintenance and development. During this period you can get access to unlimited downloads for 31 days for any donation! Only thanks to your support over the past year we have made such improvements as Full-text search, ZAlerts, Terms, Books correction feature, “Save for later” option, Recommender system and much more. Thank you for giving us such support!

        Now let's talk about the updates. We decided to provide our users with the ability to moderate newly uploaded books. This will significantly reduce the number of problem books! So on the Moderation page (at the top of the page next to your nickname) you can vote for a book: OK if the book is suitable for our library, BAD if there are any problems. Please note this option works in the test mode and available only for some "active" users.

        We are very pleased that you are actively suggesting corrections to books. We would like to single out @Big Bang who has already offered about 7 thousand corrections! Thanks for being ready to spend a few minutes of your free time!

        Unfortunately, edits are not always correct, so we added an explanation field to the rejected correction.

        Also, if you find any problems with the book file or link you can use the “Report a problem” option. We will try to solve the problem in 1-2 days.

        The next improvement was suggested by user @Yanggaojun. Book tags are now displayed in the Book details field. The “Save for later” option became more convenient!

        Small changes have affected books with "Coming soon" status. We have considerably reduced the waiting time for new books: from a few days to several hours. Hurrah!

        And the latest news: surely you noticed there have been more cases when it is impossible to download books for any reason. Our service is rapidly growing and now we are engaged in a significant modernization of the infrastructure. Therefore, sometimes server failures occur but very soon everything will be better than before

        Thanks for your attention!

        COMMENTS (46)
        Thank you, you are doing a wonderful job!
        22 September 2019 (11:07) 
        Thanks for the updates, you guys are the best! :)
        22 September 2019 (13:25) 
        Thank you for building a new Alexandrian Library for the ages.
        22 September 2019 (14:46) 
        Thank you!
        22 September 2019 (17:29) 
        Gracias a ti.! Por el conocimiento increíble!
        22 September 2019 (23:20) 
        There should be a way to convert a ePub to kindle format and send to kindle gnome click
        23 September 2019 (00:22) 
        support you !
        23 September 2019 (13:05) 
        Radu I. Nimea
        Thanks. I noticed some porn magazines appearing in the books section... i think it should be removed, or at least moved to a separate category......
        23 September 2019 (15:33) 
        Maria Cabaco
        I'm in the UK how do I donate. I'm new at this.
        23 September 2019 (17:15) 
        I recently attempted to download some books by forwarding them to my email no email was received. Is there a way that your site can show previously download without having to check your emails or your device? Thank you for your time.

        Kind regards

        Sharron Henry
        23 September 2019 (17:46) 
        Not receiving any emails
        24 September 2019 (00:03) 
        Thank you guys.
        24 September 2019 (02:57) 
        Mfumfu Tshabe
        Thank you
        24 September 2019 (03:10) 
        Thank you
        24 September 2019 (08:42) 
        You're going from strength to strength! Thanks for all the hard work.
        24 September 2019 (21:39) 
        Art as art
        Can’t confirm my email address - receive no confirmation, despite notification that one was sent. It is not a spam or junk mail problem, I have checked. Don’t feel confident in donating when my email is as yet “unconfirmed.”
        25 September 2019 (00:50) 
        Thank you for your great work!
        25 September 2019 (07:45) 
        If i dontane the money..the unlimited books download only for one month or what.
        25 September 2019 (16:58) 

        Thank you for your great work. I have donated (ETH) today but did not get any upgrade.

        I wrote you 2 mails, beacause got no reply.

        Kind regards
        25 September 2019 (23:22) 
        26 September 2019 (02:47) 
        thanks a lot!!!!!
        26 September 2019 (10:16) 
        I can't find search results. If i search for books then I find totally unrelated books. For example if i search Headfirst C progrogramming
        I can't find it.
        Please help and thanks in advance
        26 September 2019 (10:26) 

        Thank you for contacting for this post:


        I have sent you a reply with ID and still waiting for the upgrade.

        When I can expect it?

        Kind regards
        26 September 2019 (14:05) 
        Sorry, I meant thank you for contacting me regarding this post:


        Thank you for your great work. I have donated (ETH) today but did not get any upgrade.

        I wrote you 2 mails, beacause got no reply.

        Kind regards

        26 September 2019 (14:12) 
        When I attempt to add a new book or correct info on one the submit button and some of the info forms are off of the right edge of the visible screen and I cannot reach them. This means I have no way of submitting the book info!!!
        Please help!!
        I cannot add any books until this will work.
        Surprised I am the only person saying it is so. . .
        I can provide screenshots if you wish.
        27 September 2019 (05:44) 
        Thank you for providing this great platform
        27 September 2019 (08:45) 
        It would be useful to have a unique identifier visible for individual books : very often one can find more than one version of a single title, some of those are not optimal. When one wants to review or comment such book only the link identifies the different version, but since the link is not included in the title it can be difficult to identify the sub-optimal book in the list.
        Also some titles are present multiple times (without notable differences between the different occurrences.) I wonder if it would be possible to prune out the real duplicates (same book, same edition, no corrections...) Another possibility is to give the different versions of the uploaded books a ... version number :-)
        27 September 2019 (08:50) 
        SUNIL V A
        You guys are doing a great job, I really appreciate your work.

        27 September 2019 (19:44) 
        Hi, I write now here the 4th time, because made donation wrote email also 4 times with all requirements ID and donation quantity, but you did not reply anymore and also not upgraded. Why you do this??? That is not OK.
        27 September 2019 (23:53) 
        ZLibrary Team (John)
        Hi Seiso!

        We've tried to contact you at Sep, 23 (via seiso****@yahoo.de) but no response :(
        Can you contact us directly (support@bookmail.org) and we'll fix your problem ASAP.

        28 September 2019 (00:03) 
        I can't find a book I want to download
        Fundamentals of turbomachinery by venkanna
        28 September 2019 (07:03) 
        Thank you for the updates!
        29 September 2019 (20:24) 
        8000 outlook
        There is a message "error 404 not found" when convert file.
        30 September 2019 (18:51) 
        Thank you for the updates!
        01 October 2019 (07:11) 
        you are doing a wonderful job!
        01 October 2019 (07:11) 
        thank you for the new changes
        01 October 2019 (16:51) 
        Not seeing many new books!
        02 October 2019 (06:42) 
        I suggest to have the possibility of filtering books in the moderation area by language. And, possibly, to filter the downloadable books by publisher.
        18 October 2019 (00:44) 
        Now it is impossible for me to make a donation by Ali-Pay. The link for AliPay is missing. I made a donation per AliPay several weeks ago, which was very convenient for me from PR China.
        25 November 2019 (03:54) 
        I keep getting Sphinx errors and the search engine is not working. Is this a temporary issue or is this website no longer working???? HELP!!!!
        21 December 2019 (20:47) 
        Search Engine is not working for me also. ((
        21 December 2019 (21:42) 
        When I find a book I would like, I click on it and ask that it be sent to my email address but it never arrives. Am I doing something incorrectly?
        08 February 2020 (23:19) 
        victor godwin
        please l paid my donations of 11 dollars with my card but it has not been acknowledged on victor4godwin@yahoo.ca
        11 February 2020 (08:22) 
        I paid my donations and contacted support with the information required and still have not receive a response about my donations. email: surfsound@protonmail.com
        26 March 2020 (02:34) 
        ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
        @surfsound Thank you for supporting us! Unfortunately, we haven't received any letter from you. We have sent you the message please check your mailbox.
        26 March 2020 (11:01) 
        The download rate decreased a lot. Is there any known problem? Thanks.
        05 April 2020 (19:41) 

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